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Application of Hali Pigments


HL-Pearl Pigment:
It is widely used in coatings industry ( automobile, motorcycle,bicycle coatings, marine coatings,building coatings, furniture coating, plastic costing ,powder coating,ect…),paint, plastic industry (masterbatch, food and cosmetic packing, decorative material, home applicance ,stationery, toy, films, shoes, button), cosmetics (facial rouge, eye shadow,lip stick, lip gloss, nail polish, hair gel, lotion),printing ink industry (wall paper, magazine, poster picture, packing, labels) , Leather industry (geniun leather coatings, synthetic leather, PVC,PU artifical leather, leather surface after treatment ect), rubber, potter and enamel, glass industry ect…
As a unique effect of the surface treatment material, glitter powder is widely used in Christmas crafts, candles, cosmetics, screen printing industry ( cloth, leather, footwear, shoe materials, new year pictures series), decorative materials ( art glass, polycrystalline glass crafts; crystal glass ball ), painting and decorating, furniture spray paint, packaging, Christmas gifts, toys, pens and other fields, Glitters’ characters is, by enhancing products’ visual effects, make the decorative partial bump have layers, more stereo impression. Its high flashing characteristics, make the ornaments’ bright dazzling and attractive, more elegant luster.
HL-luminious pigment:
Luminious pigment powders are widely used in coatings, printing ink, toys, rubber, sign board, craftwork , pottery, glass. Luminous material have unique decorative and warning function.

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